Cymbal Silencers

Welcome to – part of, brought to you by the creator of Cymbomute® – the optimum cymbal mute design.

cymbomute logo

It has been around 1 year since I, Hugh Lawrence, decided to launch into the world of online sales and market the cymbal mutes that I have been making and using for years. Primarily aimed at the drummer who wants to practice on his or her kit – their real kit, not a plastic electric one! Including of course using their REAL cymbals. So what is the best way to dampen / mute / silence the cymbals – easy – CYMBOMUTE

Things are going well. Drummers from across the globe have been placing orders week in week out. And I am keeping up with demand, making and shipping each order as they come in. Business is getting so busy now, that I may have to enlist some manufacturing help!….

I think that it’s going well for one simple reason. THE PRODUCT WORKS.

It’s a simple design, a stretchy mute that holds itself in place around the circumference of a cymbal. Once you’ve got the hang of fitting them, you soon realise that the best ideas are the simplest. The feel of playing your cymbals is not really affected, you get a true rebound from your ride, you don’t have to aim for a flappy pad – simply put, Cymbomute is surely the best solution.

Soon after launch, the product went through an upgrade – they now feature a tough woven logo label, that in turn provides the strong double sewn join in the material. The label facilitates better branding, and cleverly shows the mute size on the internal face of each mute. This design upgrade is proving very popluar with new and existing users of Cymbomute.

Black Close Up

The most recent development for the brand is the full roll out of products on Amazon UK. This is helping spread the word about this great product.

Hopefully you have found us by searching for Cymbal Mute, or Cymbal Silencer etc. Well now you’ve found us, head over to – and place your order, see for yourself how great this product is.


Hugh Lawrence.

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