Cymbomute – up for an award!

Rhythm Magazine – the UK’s leading drum magazine is running its annual poll for ‘best in drums 2014’ and Cymbomute has been nominated for ‘Best Drum Innovation’. This is great news for us a Cymbomute, as it not only brings exposure, but also places Cymbomute well and truly “On The Map” in the drumming world.

This follows two great reviews in Drummer Magazine and Rhythm Magazine.

A revelation. They work across the board: hats, crashes, ride, and even our eardrum-crushing 18″ China is well and truly tamed. Rhythm Magazine

Cymbomute is a great product that means you don’t have to change the way you play the kit. They look good and are affordable too. Drummer Magazine

If you are a Cymbomute user – please vote by following this link:-

We are not expecting to win, as there are some big corporations, with big marketing budgets in the same category – but that’s not the point. When a publication such as Rhythm gives us such a ringing endorsement, by including us in the poll – we’ve already won!

Perhaps this ‘shot in the arm’ will convince yet more drummers that if they would rather play REAL cymbals when they need it quiet – Cymbomute is the answer. – They really are the best cymbal mute out there.

Having the press behind us feels great. We also have some big name drummers who have put their name to the product. British Drummer Steve White is an ambassador for cymbomute. As is USA session drummer Russ McKinnon. Add to that: Elliot Henshaw, Ian Bee, Lee Smith, and Richard Wilson – all great drummers, and teachers.

As I write this, Cymbomute is in the process of ‘moving up a gear’ as a business. We have employed a new seamstress (remember all Cymbomute products are made by hand in England!). The website is looking better than ever. The Facebook page has passed 2000 followers. And we are about to advertise on as part of a big marketing strategy. You should also be able to look out for cymbomute on google shopping (once we’ve got the coding right!)

The drumming community is really beginning to catch on to the fact that Cymbomute is a great cymbal muting device – we think the best on the market. Sales are up, and brand awareness is building organically. Not just at home in the UK, but in the US and beyond.

We are now selling to trade too. Shops can approach us via and apply for an account. This is open to any shop / store across the world. Although I’m still working on the best way to ship cymbomute in bulk to international stores.

Let’s also talk terminology! Here at cymbomute we call then cymbal ‘mutes’. Other terms for them could be:

  • Cymbal Dampeners
  • Cymbal Silencers
  • Cymbal Deadeners
  • Cymbal Pads
  • Cymbal practice pads
  • Cymbal practice bands
  • Cymbal Straps

We have heard all of these, but still prefer ‘mute’ as that’s more in-keeping with things like trumpet mutes, violin mutes etc. The sound is still there, but is reduced, honed, controlled.

Another point is the fact that cymbals are only really differentiated by size – so it doesn’t matter what brand of cymbal you are playing, Cymbomute will mute it! Here’s a list of Cymbal brands:

More information about Cymbomute and our products can be found at if you need to practice your drumming, but want to keep the feel of real cymbals – head on over. We ship worldwide.


Hugh –

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