Drums driving the neighbours crazy?

I love drumming, it’s good for the soul. The music of it, the control of it, the movement of it, the sensation of it. I still get the itch to drum all the time, even after nearly 30 years of playing. BUT my neighbours are not so in love with drumming…

Is your drumming annoying the neighbours too?

Let’s talk about solutions, and we are not going to rush out to buy a plastic electric kit ‘cos it’s just NOT THE SAME!


  1. Talk to them! and do this early, before they hate you! Sometimes just a 5 min chat on the doorstep about how important your drums are in your life, and how you actually really value peace and quiet too. I have an agreement that I won’t drum past 7pm and will avoid Sunday mealtimes too. You could even draw up a schedule, or ask if they have special plans this week. GETTING THEM ON YOUR SIDE is perhaps the best solution of them all.
  2. Organise your practice time into: PAD, BRUSHES, STICKS or something similar – the whole practice session need not be full volume, only a section of it. This will reduce the % of time you are “broadcasting”.
  3. Get some mutes. It’s amazing how much you can still get done with mutes on the kit. The best cymbal mutes are CYMBOMUTE (we know that!) You can also get the circular rubber / neoprene pads for the drums from several makers: VicFirth, SoundOff, Shaw, and Softapads. A small investment in some good mutes / pads will enable you to get more done at lower volumes. Then the full-volume session could be just a few times a week, rather than daily.

And remember, hearing drums through a wall always sounds better than a beginner on violin!


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