5 Great Gifts for a Drummer!

As the holiday season approaches once again, many people who know a keen drummer will be wondering what to buy for their drumming friend or relative – well here’s a guide to the:


Counting down: –

5. LOW BOY BEATERS – this company from Denver Colorado make custom wood bass drum beaters. Each beater is made from Maple , and gives a great “wood” sound from the bass drum. They are small, shippable, not too pricey, and even customisable!

4. BIG FAT SNARE DRUM – what drummer doesn’t love the deep “goosh” snare sound sometimes?! – With BFSD you can simply throw the device onto your snare, and BOOM, the snare drum drops in pitch, no retuning required!

3. CYMPAD – Who wouldn’t want to upgrade the standard felt cymbal washers to something bright yellow, red, purple or green? A great gift for the cymbal lover!

2. CACSAC GIG BAGS – Time for the old stick or cymbal case to get a ‘hand crafted leather’ upgrade! These top quality stick and cymbal cases will enable any drummer to transport their sticks or cymbals with pride!

1. CYMBOMUTE – any drummer who has to practice on pastic pads to keep the volume down will tell you it’s just not the same! Well, with cymbomute they can use the same cymbals they use live & the volume is massively reduced- nice! Cymbomute make the standard 50mm mute, and now a bigger 100mm mute for ride cymbals ‘WIDE RIDE‘, they even sell gift cards delivered by email.

So there you have it, 5 great gifts for any drummer this holiday season.

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