5 Great Gifts for a Drummer!

As the holiday season approaches once again, many people who know a keen drummer will be wondering what to buy for their drumming friend or relative – well here’s a guide to the:


Counting down: –

5. LOW BOY BEATERS – this company from Denver Colorado make custom wood bass drum beaters. Each beater is made from Maple , and gives a great “wood” sound from the bass drum. They are small, shippable, not too pricey, and even customisable!

4. BIG FAT SNARE DRUM – what drummer doesn’t love the deep “goosh” snare sound sometimes?! – With BFSD you can simply throw the device onto your snare, and BOOM, the snare drum drops in pitch, no retuning required!

3. CYMPAD – Who wouldn’t want to upgrade the standard felt cymbal washers to something bright yellow, red, purple or green? A great gift for the cymbal lover!

2. CACSAC GIG BAGS – Time for the old stick or cymbal case to get a ‘hand crafted leather’ upgrade! These top quality stick and cymbal cases will enable any drummer to transport their sticks or cymbals with pride!

1. CYMBOMUTE – any drummer who has to practice on pastic pads to keep the volume down will tell you it’s just not the same! Well, with cymbomute they can use the same cymbals they use live & the volume is massively reduced- nice! Cymbomute make the standard 50mm mute, and now a bigger 100mm mute for ride cymbals ‘WIDE RIDE‘, they even sell gift cards delivered by email.

So there you have it, 5 great gifts for any drummer this holiday season.

Cymbomute Paiste Video Contest

Big news! Cymbomute are giving away Paiste cymbals in our first Video Contest! We are open to submissions from all over the world, as we are happy to ship the prizes internationally. All anyone has to do is make a short video about cymbomute – it’s really easy. With the advent of smart phones, iPads, etc. it’s never been easier to capture a short video – so whether you want to showcase some drumming skills, or do a product review, or talk about the usefulness of cymbomute for teaching, or simply tell some jokes – you can enter! Be creative & you could win one of the fabulous prizes.

Prizes are:

  1. A 16″ Paiste Signature full crash
  2. A 10″ Paiste Signature splash
  3. A 22″ Paiste Pro cymbal bag

Submission is during Feb 2015 via our Facebook page, then all the videos will be re-posted onto the cymbomute youtube channel from March 1st.

First prize will be awarded to the video we feel is the best – simple.

Second and third prize are open to public opinion! The two videos with the most views / likes / shares during the month of March (from our youtube channel) will WIN the second and third prizes. So you can get involved in increasing your chances of winning by plugging your video online! for full T&C’s go to http://www.cymbomute.com/pages/videocontest

If this contest goes well, then we will consider doing it again, perhaps bigger, perhaps including more drum stuff…

Cymbomute is fast establishing itself as THE cymbal product for muted practice, period. Worldwide orders are flooding in, as more and more drummers are retaining the feel of BRONZE during practice! All thanks to the special & clever self-folding rim hugging stretch material exclusively made for Cymbomute.




Cymbomute – up for an award!

Rhythm Magazine – the UK’s leading drum magazine is running its annual poll for ‘best in drums 2014’ and Cymbomute has been nominated for ‘Best Drum Innovation’. This is great news for us a Cymbomute, as it not only brings exposure, but also places Cymbomute well and truly “On The Map” in the drumming world.

This follows two great reviews in Drummer Magazine and Rhythm Magazine.

A revelation. They work across the board: hats, crashes, ride, and even our eardrum-crushing 18″ China is well and truly tamed. Rhythm Magazine

Cymbomute is a great product that means you don’t have to change the way you play the kit. They look good and are affordable too. Drummer Magazine

If you are a Cymbomute user – please vote by following this link:-


We are not expecting to win, as there are some big corporations, with big marketing budgets in the same category – but that’s not the point. When a publication such as Rhythm gives us such a ringing endorsement, by including us in the poll – we’ve already won!

Perhaps this ‘shot in the arm’ will convince yet more drummers that if they would rather play REAL cymbals when they need it quiet – Cymbomute is the answer. – They really are the best cymbal mute out there.

Having the press behind us feels great. We also have some big name drummers who have put their name to the product. British Drummer Steve White is an ambassador for cymbomute. As is USA session drummer Russ McKinnon. Add to that: Elliot Henshaw, Ian Bee, Lee Smith, and Richard Wilson – all great drummers, and teachers.

As I write this, Cymbomute is in the process of ‘moving up a gear’ as a business. We have employed a new seamstress (remember all Cymbomute products are made by hand in England!). The website is looking better than ever. The Facebook page has passed 2000 followers. And we are about to advertise on drummerworld.com as part of a big marketing strategy. You should also be able to look out for cymbomute on google shopping (once we’ve got the coding right!)

The drumming community is really beginning to catch on to the fact that Cymbomute is a great cymbal muting device – we think the best on the market. Sales are up, and brand awareness is building organically. Not just at home in the UK, but in the US and beyond.

We are now selling to trade too. Shops can approach us via cymbomutetradesales.com and apply for an account. This is open to any shop / store across the world. Although I’m still working on the best way to ship cymbomute in bulk to international stores.

Let’s also talk terminology! Here at cymbomute we call then cymbal ‘mutes’. Other terms for them could be:

  • Cymbal Dampeners
  • Cymbal Silencers
  • Cymbal Deadeners
  • Cymbal Pads
  • Cymbal practice pads
  • Cymbal practice bands
  • Cymbal Straps

We have heard all of these, but still prefer ‘mute’ as that’s more in-keeping with things like trumpet mutes, violin mutes etc. The sound is still there, but is reduced, honed, controlled.

Another point is the fact that cymbals are only really differentiated by size – so it doesn’t matter what brand of cymbal you are playing, Cymbomute will mute it! Here’s a list of Cymbal brands:

More information about Cymbomute and our products can be found at cymbomute.com if you need to practice your drumming, but want to keep the feel of real cymbals – head on over. We ship worldwide.


Hugh – Cymbomute.com

Cymbal Silencers

Welcome to Cymbalsilencers.com – part of Cymbalmutes.com, brought to you by the creator of Cymbomute® – the optimum cymbal mute design.

cymbomute logo

It has been around 1 year since I, Hugh Lawrence, decided to launch into the world of online sales and market the cymbal mutes that I have been making and using for years. Primarily aimed at the drummer who wants to practice on his or her kit – their real kit, not a plastic electric one! Including of course using their REAL cymbals. So what is the best way to dampen / mute / silence the cymbals – easy – CYMBOMUTE

Things are going well. Drummers from across the globe have been placing orders week in week out. And I am keeping up with demand, making and shipping each order as they come in. Business is getting so busy now, that I may have to enlist some manufacturing help!….

I think that it’s going well for one simple reason. THE PRODUCT WORKS.

It’s a simple design, a stretchy mute that holds itself in place around the circumference of a cymbal. Once you’ve got the hang of fitting them, you soon realise that the best ideas are the simplest. The feel of playing your cymbals is not really affected, you get a true rebound from your ride, you don’t have to aim for a flappy pad – simply put, Cymbomute is surely the best solution.

Soon after launch, the product went through an upgrade – they now feature a tough woven logo label, that in turn provides the strong double sewn join in the material. The label facilitates better branding, and cleverly shows the mute size on the internal face of each mute. This design upgrade is proving very popluar with new and existing users of Cymbomute.

Black Close Up

The most recent development for the brand is the full roll out of products on Amazon UK. This is helping spread the word about this great product.

Hopefully you have found us by searching for Cymbal Mute, or Cymbal Silencer etc. Well now you’ve found us, head over to Cymbomute.com – and place your order, see for yourself how great this product is.


Hugh Lawrence.

Cymbomute Press Release

Press Release.

Introducing CYMBOMUTE

The optimum cymbal mute design.

A great product for drummers.

Until now, muting your cymbals has always meant sacrificing the feel of playing metal with a stick and compromising on the freedom of being able to play anywhere around the edge of your favourite Crash. As for playing the bell, or muting all sizes cymbal, that’s not really been an option.

Until now…14Black

CYMBOMUTE offers a better, more effective solution.

A CYMBOMUTE fits around the circumference of your cymbal and is held in place by its own tension. They are available for any size cymbal so you can mute your entire set-up no matter how indulgent your array of splashes, crashes, chinese and ride cymbals may be. A CYMBOMUTE will not kill the rebound feel of playing your ride. You will no longer have to worry about ‘pad-aim’ when working on that tricky ‘Gadd lick’. Playing the ride bell on that hybrid mambo groove is now not going to offend the neighbours. That’s not all – they even save wear on your sticks while you practice, and if you store your cymbals vertically a CYMBOMUTE will protect their edges.

In this day and age we are increasingly aware of protecting our hearing for health and safety reasons – CYMBOMUTE is an effective and useful protection product. Happy EarSchools, Music colleges and drum teachers alike all have a duty of care to protect the hearing of their aspiring drummers, CYMBOMUTE can be an important and integral part of that duty of care.

In a test with a decibel meter, a CYMBOMUTE reduced a Sabian hhx 16” crash down from 98db to 92db, that’s around a three quarters reduction (the decibel scale is logarithmic so every reduction of 3db is approximately half the volume). In comparison a competitors flappy neoprene mute did not achieve any decibel reduction at all (!) – merely shortened the sound. You can view this illustrative test video at cymbomute.com or on you tube.

Each CYMBOMUTE is handmade and shipped to you by Manchester drummer Hugh Lawrence. They are a homegrown, British-made product – from one drummer to another. They are available in either a striking white or a more traditional black. Each CYMBOMUTE is made from high quality robust elastic and has a strong double-sewn join, the logo is proudly emblazoned on the outside, and the cymbal size is stamped on the inside. Hugh has experimented with different grades of elastic, different amounts of stretch, several join designs, and many other variables. Now after many years of trial, error and refinement he feels confident that the product is effective, high-quality and long lasting. Once you have the knack of putting them on (without pinging them across the room!), you’ll find you can mute your entire set-up within a few seconds.

Cymbomutes are available by mail order via the website cymbomute.com. Prices are very reasonable, they range from as little as £4 and up to £12 for an individual mute.They are also available in sets, a 14/16/20 set will set you back £20, and a 14/16/18/20 set just £26 (all plus p&p).

Now for the science bit – why are these so much better? Well, it’s quite simple really. When you hit a cymbal, the energy from the stick, brush, mallet or hand is transferred to the cymbal, some of this energy goes into making sound. The sound waves generated from the cymbal travel along the surface of the metal, radiating out from the bell toward the edge – that’s why we grab a cymbal by the edge to ‘choke’ it. A CYMBOMUTE arrests the sound wave by being in the way of the ‘exit point’ at the edge of the cymbal so the energy and sound is largely absorbed by the CYMBOMUTE, simple.

So CYMBOMUTE is a great product.

  • More effective at reducing cymbal volume than other designs.
  • Help protect drummers’ hearing.
  • You can mute your entire real cymbal set-up.
  • You get a proper stick rebound when riding.
  • No more ‘pad aim’.
  • You can mute any size cymbal.
  • They are not overpriced, and are long lasting.

I would be personally grateful to anyone who can help spread the word about this great product as I feel it is genuinely better than other designs, and protecting our hearing is so important.

From one drummer to another, thank you for reading. Check out cymbomute.com for more.

Thank you again,

Hugh Lawrence.

contact:  cymbomute@gmail.com

Prices are correct for April 2013.

Cymbomute as a brandname, logo, and online store are currently in application for a registered trademark.

The decibel test carried out was for illustrative purposes and was not under laboratory conditions and was not verified by any third party.

Cymbomute does not accept any responsibility for damage to cymbals due to mis-use of this product – any cymbal will break if you hit it hard enough.

About Drum mute and Cymbal mute designs

These days we are all increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our hearing. Take it from me that after 25 years of drumming you begin to realise the fragility of your hearing – when it’s ruined it’s ruined guys!

Happy Ear

Yet we still need to practice our instrument, or teach it, and of course play live. Now, I’m not advocating using drum mutes and cymbal mutes on a live gig, but in the practice or teaching room it is definitely a good idea.

Drum Mute

Mutes for your drums are basically easy to design – a circle of neoprene type rubbery material cut to the relevant size and placed on the drum – done. The bass drum is more tricky due to the vertical nature of the playing surface (we’ll deal with that another day). Makers of drum mutes are: VicFirth, or Sound off (part of Evans).

Muting cymbals on the other hand, presents a challenge for several reasons:

  • They move when you hit them.
  • They are set at various angles, and can overlap.
  • They come in lots of different sizes.
  • The drummer plays the edge, the bell, and the surface of the cymbal.

So any cymbal mute design needs to overcome all of these challenges and bring the volume down as much as possible. In short, the drummer does not want to feel like he or she is playing a different instrument – simply their drums, but quieter.

I have learned from experience that the Cymbal mutes supplied as part of a set of drum mutes are not really up to the job of solving the problems above.

This design is not very effective:

Keyhole Cymbal Mute

Here’s Why:

  • The mute flaps around allowing the cymbal to ring with its full volume.
  • You have to aim for the Pad
  • It only fits a cymbal of the correct radius from the securing hole to the bottom of the mute
  • The stick feel / rebound is totally unlike a real cymbal when playing.

I understand that the manufacture of these must be cost effective, as you just need to cut the same big sheet of the material as you are cutting your circles for the drum mutes. However, there is a better way…



A cymbal mute from CYMBOMUTE.COM is a simple design that mutes the cymbal AND addresses all of the challenges above.


The soundwave created by a Cymbal travels along the surface of the cymbal and off the edge, so the best way to arrest the sound is to arrest the soundwave – simple really. The design from Cymbomute is an elastic ring that “hugs” the entire perimeter of a cymbal, this arrests the soundwave as it is exiting the metal surface of the cymbal. The cymbal can still move when it is struck and absorb energy from the stick –  much of this energy is then absorbed by the cymbomute rather that being converted into sound, this way all the requirements above are satisfied.

  • The cymbal can still move
  • The cymbal can be set at any angle the player wishes
  • Any size cymbal can be muted
  • The drummer can play the edge, bell or surface of the cymbal

In short – the drummer can play the same way they play without the mutes on.

For more videos showing the effectiveness of this design click here. They still work on Chinese shaped cymbals too, as shown here.


I am of the genuine belief that the design of a cymbal mute offered from cymbomute.com is better.

Thanks for reading and please spread the word to your drummer friends – it’s all about caring for your hearing, so all drummers need to know about this great product.